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Everyday trades people, who rely on quality and longevity from their PPE.

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  • Sanding
  • Plastering
  • Installers
  • Timber Handling
  • Brick Laying
  • Building Work
  • Handyman
  • Metal Handling
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Rhino ensures your gloves are fit for purpose to keep your hands protected in any application.





High quality materials coupled with durable construction means your gloves will last the distance in any application.





What is a glove if it is not comfortable for all-day use. At Rhino, we ensure our gloves fit perfectly and have comfort features which will have you not wanting to take them off!


For all of the information you thought you needed to know and more. From how to care for your gloves, to standards, fitting, selection and news to inform and inspire, check out the Rhino Glove Hub.


Care Info



Caring for your gloves should be simple and hassle-free, resulting in gloves that will provide the best protection for your application.
Find care instructions for each glove type in The Glove Hub.




Rhino gloves are manufactured to the highest quality in both materials and mechanical properties of our gloves.
Check out the full list of standards and ratings in the Glove Hub.

In the News



Featuring blogs and media stories, we love showing you what we have been up to. Be inspired and informed with the latest Rhino headlines available in The Glove Hub.